Current Status and Summary of Agreement Between Landsat Program Management and EOSAT Corporation on Cost and Reproduction Rights for Landsat 4/5 Thematic Mapper Data

On April 11, 1994, Landsat Program management and the EOSAT Corporation entered into an agreement on cost and reproduction rights for Landsat 4/5 Thematic Mapper (TM) data purchased and/or distributed by the US government and affiliated users (USGAU*) for non commercial purposes. The primary provisions of the agreement and the definition of USGAU are given below.

Current Status of the Agreement

The agreement established a schedule for implementing several of its provisions. The status of those provisions as of October 1, 1996 is as follows:

1) New Landsat 4/5 TM data (Level 1) purchased by USGAU from EOSAT shall be no more than $2500/scene. (Price to general public is $4400/scene.)

2) TM scenes physically residing in the National Satellite Land Remote sensing Data Archive (NSLRSDA) at EROS Data Center (EDC) are available to USGAU at $425 per scene for systematically corrected data.

3) For scenes not in the EDC archive, the NSLRSDA may purchase raw data from EOSAT and process and distribute the data to USGAU for non-commercial purposes. The cost of such data is $425 per scene plus $70 times the number of scenes on the EOSAT HDT archive tape (as many as 25-30 scenes per tape) on which the scene of interest is stored.

4) Scenes previously purchased by USGAU from EOSAT for which a copy is in the archive at EDC are available to USGAU "as is" i.e. systematic, UTM, nearest neighbor, SOM, for $150 per scene.

5) All TM data now owned or purchased by USGAU may be copied and distributed without restriction among USGAU organizations for non commercial purposes.

Primary Provisions of April 11 Agreement and Definition of USGAU

1. Cost of Landsat TM data purchased by US government and affiliated users (USGAU)

2. USGAU rights to copy data for, and redistribute data among, USGAU for noncommercial use

3. USGAU rights to process data from the NSLRSDA for USGAU for noncommercial use

*USGAU is defined as:
1. US government agencies
2. US government contractors
3. Researchers and institutions conducting scientific investigations related to global change funded by, or defined in agreements with, US CEES member agencies.
4. US Global Change Research Program international programs, i.e. global change research programs in countries other than the US as well as global change research programs of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC), International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU) and the International Social Science Council (ISSC).
5. Other researchers (individuals or entities conducting scientific investigations, not necessarily related to the Global Change Research Program) that have signed with the US government a cooperative agreement involving the use of Landsat data for noncommercial purposes.
6. Educational institutions for noncommercial purposes.
7. Nonprofit, public interest entities.


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