How Can We Use These Photos?

How Can We Use These Photos?

Much of our understanding of our earth comes from simply looking at it. Remote sensing helps us with the big picture. Remote sensing photos can be used to plan the future. We can ask which way will a city grow or how will a new freeway affect farming areas. Remote sensing can also help show which way a fire moving or how fast lava from a volcano is flowing. The purpose of this exercise is to gather data from remote sensing pictures.

Grade Level: 4-5


The Situation:
A developer wants to build 300 homes near existing wetlands. This land belongs to a couple and has been used as a farm. Some people are concerned that the development will affect the wetlands and others are worried that existing roads will not be able to accommodate new traffic.



Have planning commission members visit your class. Invite local environmentalists to visit your class.

Change the simulation to an issue of importance to your locality.

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