Commercialization of Crop Production Forecasting Based on Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Key Investigator: Joan Salute

Cropix, Inc. is an Oregon-based company that provides estimates of crop acreages to subscribers in the Columbia River Basin. The company uses satellite digital data acquired in the late spring or early summer to generate the forecasts which it sends to subscribers prior to estimates made by other private and governmental sources.

The image shown is a composite of two Landsat satellite images showing the Columbia River Basin study area. The windows are subdivisions of the imagery used to identify agricultural districts and farms.

Cropix, Inc. has collaborated with Ames Research Center scientists for the past few years to improve the timeliness and accuracy of its reports. Research performed at Ames has resulted in several recommendations. These have increased the accuracy of the Cropix area estimates for potatoes and have allowed the company to make production forecasts for other crops, such as wheat and alfalfa, and in other areas. Cropix now has the tools to generate estimates of all the major crops in the Columbia River Basin at accuracies exceeding 90 percent.

Cropix is currently implementing these recommendations. The crop estimates generated by the company in the coming years should be of great value to those in the region concerned with agricultural economics.

RESEARCH SITE: Columbia River Basin, OR

COLLABORATORS: Cropix, Inc.; Decision Images; Oregon State University

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