Sensor Specifications: ARIES

The Australian Resource Information and Environmental Satellite (ARIES-1) was originally planned for launch in 2000. The planned imaging sensors are a panchromatic sensor with 10-m spatial resolution and a 64-channel spectrometer with VNIR and SWIR channels. This satellite will have a polar, circular, sun-synchronous 500-km orbital height. The swath width for these sensors is 15 km and the revisit cycle is 7 days, due to the off-nadir pointing ability.



Bands Wavelength Region (µm) Resolution (m)
32 0.4-1.1 (visible-NIR) 30
32 2.0-2.5 30
PAN 0.4-0.7? 10

Data Sources

Unknown at this time.

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Last updated: Sep 2003