Sensor Specifications: Almaz-1B

The successor to the Almaz-1 mission, Almaz-1B, was initially set for launch at the end of 1998; the new launch date is unknown. The satellite will have a polar, circular, sun-synchronous 400-km orbit. Almaz-1B will carry the following sensor packages: the On-board Radar Complex, the Selva Opto-electronic Equipment, and a LIDAR instrument. The On-board Radar Complex consists of the SAR/SLR-3, SAR-10, and SAR-70. The SAR/SLR-3 instrument can operate either as in SAR or side-looking radar. The Selva Opto-electronic Equipment consists of the MSU-E, MSU-SK, and Spectro-Radiometer for Ocean Satellite Monitoring (SROSM). The specifications for the MSU instruments are below. The SROSM has eleven channels from 0.42 - 12.5 µm at 600-m resolution; wavelengths are unknown at this time.


On-board Radar Complex

Band Frequency (GHz) Resolution (m)
SAR-3 (X) 3.49 5-7
SLR-3 (X) 3.49 1200-2000
SAR-10 (S) 9.58 5-7, 15, 30
SAR-70 (L) 70 30


Band Wavelength Region (µm) Resolution (m)
1 0.5-0.6 (green) 10
2 0.6-0.7 (red) 10
3 0.8-0.9 (NIR) 10


Band Wavelength Region (µm) Resolution (m)
1 0.5-0.6 (green) 170
2 0.6-0.7 (red) 170
3 0.7-0.8 (NIR) 170
4 0.8-1.1 (NIR) 170
5 10.3-11.8 (TIR) 600

Data Sources

Unknown at this time. The satellite has not been launched.

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Last updated: December 2003