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Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems Data Sites

This list is an outline of some RS/GIS data sources available on the Web. Following the outline is a summary of each referenced Web page. In some cases, content has been copied directly from the pages; however, this list is not intended as a mirror for the referenced sites. For detailed information about a site, or for the data themselves, please use the link. This is by no means a complete list; suggestions and comments are welcomed.

NASA Web and Ftp Sites

USGS Web and Ftp Sites

Other Sites

RS/GIS Related Sites


A few dataset gateways (catalogs of data and information resources) and RS/GIS/GPS FAQs can be found on the World Wide Web, including the following. These links go directly the external sites:

USGS Data Products

The following is a list of product categories available from the USGS:
Aerial Photographs & Satellite Photographs
Coal Investigations Maps (C Series)
Digital Sidescan Sonar Images of the Sea Floor (Gloria Atlases)
Digital Airborne & Satellite Imagery
Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
Digital Line Graphs (DLGs)
Flood-Prone Area Maps
Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
Geologic Quadrangle Maps (GQ Series)
Geophysical Investigations Maps (GP Series)
Hydrologic Investigations Atlases (HA Series)
Hydrologic Unit Maps
Land Use & Land Cover Digital Data
Mineral Investigations Resources Maps (MR Series)
Misc. Field Studies Maps (MF Series)
Misc. Investigations Series Maps (I Series)
National Earthquake Information Center Products
National Uranium Resource Evaluation (NURE) Data
National Water-Use Information (Report Series)
National Water Conditions (Report Series)
National Water Summary (Report Series)
Oil & Gas Investigations Maps (OM Series)
Oil & Gas Investigations Charts (OC Series)
Open-File Reports
Other Format Maps, Other Map Products
Photographic Products from Airborne & Satellite Imagery
Professional Papers
Quadrangle Format Maps
Quaternary Geologic Atlas of the U.S.
Regional Aquifer-System Analysis (Report Series)
Satellite Image Maps
State Geologic Maps
Surface Water Map
Thematic Maps
Water Data, Water Supply Papers, & Other Book Series

Internet GIS/RS Information Sites

Some of these links are only pointers to data, not access to the data themselves.

Catalog of Digital Elevation Data (maintained by Bruce Gittings)
DCW - Digital Chart of the World
Digitized Outline (ftp) of the US/World and 1980 Census Country Boundaries
Earthquake info from the USGS in Menlo Park, CA
EPA - Geographic information sources
Epi Map - Epi Info - U.S. Centers for Disease Control GIS source and data
Geological Survey of Canada (telnet) - On-Line Library
ImageNet - Landsat, SPOT, and Russian RS Imagery archive/browser
LandScan 2001 Global Population Database - Developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory
NCAR (ftp) - National Center for Atmospheric Research data support archive
NCEER (telnet) - Seismic Activity Server
NCGIA - U.C. Santa Barbara
REGIS - U.C. Berkeley Research Program in Environmental Planning and GIS
Sea-surface temperature and more data (near real-time) - University of Hawai'i
TIGER - U.S. Census TIGER files mapping service
VTT Remote Sensing Group - Remote sensing links
World Health Organization's HealthMap Program

Additional Internet References on GIS

Some of these links are only pointers to data, not access to the data themselves.

NSCA - WWW search engine meta-index
SDTS (ftp) - U.S. Spatial Data Transfer Standard (FIPS 173)
USGS beginners tutorial on GIS
Virtual Geography Department: Online GIS courses maintained by the University of British Columbia
WOCE - World Ocean Circulation Experiment and Oceanographic top level list

Internet Access to Public Domain Software (for RS and GIS)

GRASS - Baylor University
GSLIB - Stanford U. Geostatistical Library source
MOSS (ftp) - PC GIS source
SOEST - Generic Mapping Tool (GMT)
SPRING - Brazilian image-processing software
Multispec - Image processing software for Windows (and Macs)

GIS References, Lists of Links

GIS Master Bibliography Project - Duane Marble's searchable database (most recent reference is 1996)

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