GRAPES Publications

Peer Reviewed

Johnson, L., B. Lobitz, R. Armstrong, R. Baldy, E. Weber, J. DeBenedictis, and D. Bosch. 1996. Airborne Imaging for Vineyard Canopy Evaluation. California Agriculture, Special Issue on Phylloxera 50(4):14-18 [phone: 510/987-0044].

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Invited Presentations

Johnson, L. 1997. GIS, GPS, and Remote Sensing for pest control. Computer Technology for Pest Management, Information Forum sponsored by the California Dept. Pesticide Regulation, Tulare CA, 10 February.

Johnson, L. 1996. Remote sensing and GIS: tool for vineyard management? EOSAT Seminar (A Constellation of GIS Possibilities), San Francisco CA, 7 October.

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Bell, C. 1994. The GRAPES project. Napa County Viticultural Fair, 7 November.

Trade Publications

Bell, C. 1995. GRAPES project prepares California vineyard Managers for Insect Infestation. Geo Info Systems, July, pp. 44-47.

Armstrong, R. 1994. DGPS, remote sensing help counter phylloxera. GPS World, August.


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