Aircraft Image Subsets

The following images are subsets of larger imagery that were acquired over a study area in Napa Valley. These are false color infrared images where red represents healthy vegetation and near bare soil appears cyan (blue-green). Each image was acquired in July of the noted year.

1993: 2m pixel resolution image

The block in the middle of this image was recently replanted, so it contains very little vine growth yet. All of the blocks in this image were infested with phylloxera and show mottled patterns indicating damaged areas within the blocks.

1994: 5m pixel resolution image

The spatial resolution of this image was coarser than in 1993. The image has a similar appearance to the one above, but the damaged areas have spread and two blocks along the top of the image are now cyan, since the vines there have been pulled out.

1995: 3m pixel resolution image

This image shows more blocks have been pulled out and those that remain may be pulled by now. In contrast, the blocks in the middle of the image are well grown and the lower one has full canopy cover.
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