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California Soil N-NH3 Emissions Approach:

The objective of this project was to estimate NH3 emissions from a variety of major crop-fertilizer combinations and from native soils in California.

Phase one of this project aimed to:

    Develop a simulation model for NH3 emissions from native soils using satellite image drivers and other spatial data.

    Evaluate an active sampler for monitoring NH3 emissions from fertilized fields and background soil emission levels.

Major findings:

Time series plots showed peak emissions shortly after fertilizer application. Emission factors were highly consistent among most fertilizer application forms and methods.

Estimated annual emissions of N-NH3 from native soils in California were 14 X 106 kg from cropland and 16 x 106 kg from non-cropland (mainly coniferous forest) areas.

Estimated annual emissions of N-NH3 from chemical fertilizer were 23 x 106 kg.

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Potter, C., S. Klooster, C. Krauter, M. Benjamin, V. Brooks Genovese, and A. Torregrosa. 2000. Development of Statewide Inventory Estimates of Ammonia Emissions from Native Soils and Crop Fertilizers in California. EOS, Transactions, AGU.

This work was funded by the California Air Resources Board & NASA Ames Research Center.


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