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Global Ecological Disturbances
Detection using Historical Satellite Observations
Fires, floods, hurricanes, droughts… Events that can alter the landscape for years to come, and change the lives of people in sudden and often severe ways.
You have arrived at the Ames Research Center Global Ecological Disturbance (GEDS) Application. Scientists at NASA Ames Research Center and Michigan State University, and the University of Minnesota have developed these methodologies to monitor and characterize ecological disturbance events using global satellite records available since 1982.
We are in need of voluntary assistance from local experts and observers to better understand these numerous events in the satellite record, both to advance scientific understanding and to aid in planning for the next major disturbance in the areas most at risk. We invite use and evaluation of the GEDS Application by voluntary observers
worldwide to enhance common knowledge of how the global land surface has changed over the past decades.

This web site provides public access to GEDS satellite results to aid in detection and explanation of major ecological disturbance events throughout the globe. The GEDS Application allows users to view satellite analysis results in maps, customize the scale and view, print image files, and request disturbance event information in digital tabular format for import to another application on the users local system.


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