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GEDS Detection

Entry to GEDS Results


Entry to Global Ecological Disturbances Results
This web site is the main interface for users to access and verify GEDS results, beginning with continental views of the land surface. The map images offered will display 8-km resolution pixel locations where potential disturbance events have been detected in the 20-year satellite time series. The color value of each pixel in a GEDS map will indicate the month and year (MM_YR) during which the potential disturbance event began.

Access to the GEDS Application products is free. We request only that you confirm and indicate on our entry form that you have:

(1) read and understood the below Disclaimers on the GEDS web-page and NASA's Privacy Policy, and

(2) understood that users of the GEDS Application SHOULD NOT expect to receive compensation of any kind from NASA, nor from any other U. S. Government entities, for voluntary reporting of observational information on potential disturbance events.

When the confirmation box below is checked, you will be able to go directly into the GEDS Application. We hope to receive information back from volunteer users, complete with observations on potential disturbance events found in the GEDS record. Please email all observations, comments and questions to:


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