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Overview Global Carbon Cycle and Climate System Using Data Mining
Discovery of Changes from the Global Carbon Cycle and Climate System Using Data Mining
Locations of co-occurrence between anomalously high (HI) monthly event observations for land surface temperature (TEMP) and AVHRR satellite FPAR from 1982 to 1999. An anomalous event threshold value was defined as 1.5 standard deviations or greater from the long-term (1982-1998) monthly mean value. Each non-white pixel indicates a location where FPAR-HI co-occurs in the time series with TEMP-HI, and that the color of that pixel indicates the number of co-occuring events. These data mining results lead to the hypothesis that regional climate warming has had the greatest impact on high latitude (tundra and boreal) sinks for atmospheric CO2, particularly over the Eurasian continent.

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