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    applications:agriculture link

ag imageRemote sensing and other geospatial technologies are being developed as a tool for Precision Agricultural support. Studies of California's Napa Valley vineyards have used high-spatial resolution remote sensing to map damage from insect infestation, and map crop vigor differences induced by natural within-field variability in soils and overall growing conditions.


    applications:public health link

public health imageAmes has been involved in public health work since 1985 with the Global Monitoring and Human Health (Di-Mod) applied research projects on malaria risk in California and Mexico. The Center for Health Applications of Aerospace Related Technologies (CHAART) was established by NASA Headquarter's Life Sciences Division in 1995 to continue this work in the form of training, directed research, education and outreach; consulting; and collaboration in the use of remote sensing and geographic information systems / technologies for disease risk modeling, with an emphasis on vector-borne diseases.


    applications: disaster management mitigation

disaster mgt imageThe Disaster Management / Mitigation component of SGE provides cutting edge research, development and applications of various technologies (sensors, platforms, data telemetry and data analysis) for assisting in providing information on disaster risks and events, and post-event recovery for the disaster management community. Primary focus thrusts are in wildfire analysis, floods, and hurricane events.
The use of appropriate sensor packages combined with the Branch experience in integration on UAV platforms positions SGE well for developing and transferring technologies beneficial to long-duration, repetitive information-gathering missions of disaster events.


    applications: forestry & natrual resources link

forestry imageThe Forestry component of the SGE Applications efforts focuses on development of imaging capabilities and image analysis tools to facilitate the understanding of forest resources, forest health, and forest composition. These factors are key elements of resource sustainability and allow the forest manager to more readily assess the overall condition of forest lands. By providing research and development, demonstrations, applications and technology transfer, SGE ensures that forest managers are kept abreast of the most recent trends in remote sensing technologies.


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