BOREAS Aerosol Measurements: Landsat TM Atmospheric Correction Example


The above is a false color-infrared image of a subset from a Landsat TM scene acquired 2 September 1994 over the BOREAS Southern Study Area. This scene was atmospherically corrected with the NASA Ames Wrigley/Slye algorithm, Imagecor, using aerosol optical depth measurements acquired during the third IFC. The southern tip of Candle Lake can be seen in the lower left of the image. The OBS site is in the upper left, the YJP and OYP sites are located in the upper right, and the FEN site is along the middle, right edge.

The following image is the uncorrected version of the same data, but stretched the same as the image above. This image has a blue cast because the atmospheric correction has a greater affect at shorter wavelengths. This is primarily due to the strong wavelength dependence of Rayleigh scattering. Aerosol optical depths also decrease with wavelength, but not as dramatically.

BOREAS SSA Uncorrected TM

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