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Mission Products

Near real time satellite and airborne imagery

The timely distribution of data and information during a wildfire is of critical importance to the Incident Command Structure. The most critical element in rapidly evolving disaster scenarios is the integration of all "observations" of the event to effectively ascertain shifting suppression demands, personnel and equipment redeployment and monitoring fire movement and effectiveness of suppression activities. Improving sensor technologies allow more refined observations from both orbital and sub-orbital platforms, but that data / information is of little value if "stale". Therefore, an element of our WRAP project will evaluate and improve on data delivery (telemetry) to facilitate a rapid decision support mechanism is in place for wildfire analysis.

There is always room for improving the speed with which the right information reaches the right people so that a fire can be managed properly. NASA has pioneered the use of sensor webs, which consist of a distributed set of instruments on the ground, in the air and in space, whose measurements are integrated to improve the assessment and response to wildfire. Different configurations of sensors combined with human knowledge and current information technology, have the potential to yield a strong set of tools to support decision-making. This project will provide the architecture, information and tools necessary for real-time delivery of geospatial information in conjunction with our partners.
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