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NASA Team Contacts

Vincent G. Ambrosia
Project Principal Investigator / Lead Applications and Demonstration Management

James A. Brass
Co-Principal Investigator / Lead – NASA Coordination & Budgetary Management

Steven S. Wegener
Project Management Support Lead

Steve Dunagan
Lead - Engineering Management / R&D

Matt Fladeland
Project Management Support / Web Presence Lead

Don Sullivan
Computer Systems and Telemetry Development Engineer

Ted Hildum
Sensor Development

Stan Herwitz
UAV Applications Center Lead

Sally Buechel
Lead – Image Manipulation Strategies

Susan Schoenung
Management Engineering Support

Robert "Buzz" Slye
Software Engineer

Robert Higgins
Sensor Engineer

Kenneth Weinstock
Computer Systems Manager

Jian Zheng
Imaging and GIS Research Scientist

Duane Allen
Sensor Engineer

Jeff Myers
Airborne Sensor Facility Manager
NASA | Earth Science Division | USDA Forest Service

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