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Earth Science Division Highlights for July 2, 2013

Upcoming Program Milestones

  • Hurricane and Severe Storm Sentinel (HS3) instrument integration starts July 8 at Dryden. Deployment of Global Hawks to WFF in mid-August.
  • Studies of Emissions and Atmospheric Composition, Clouds and Climate Coupling by Regional Surveys (SEAC4RS) systems integration will begin at Dryden week of July 8.
  • SIERRA shipped to Oliktok Pt, Alaska for MIZOPEX (Marginal Ice Zone Observations and Processes Experiment) on June 25 with operations planned for July 14 - Aug 2 and followed by support for the U. Colorado Scan Eagle through Aug 9th. ARC MIZOPEX support staff travel to Alaska next week.

Significant Announcements

  • ARC DEVELOP students publish in peer reviewed journal. The article Estuarine sediment deposition during wetland restoration: A GIS and remote sensing modeling approach by Michelle Newcomer, et al. was published in the journal Geocarto International. The paper, prepared by a DEVELOP student team from the 2011 summer session, is the first DEVELOP student paper published in a peer reviewed journal.
  • Diana Gentry successfully presented and defended the oral portion of her Ph.D. thesis June 27 to the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford. The research, Unlocking synthetic biomaterials was funded by the 2012 CIF, a competitive renewal in 2013, and was selected for submission for a part b NIAC proposal. Diana has been at NASA as a SCEP student.
  • Jesica Navarete, a Ph.D. student at UCSC under Lynn Rothschild was awarded a Marilyn C. and Raymond E. Davis Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $400 towards her upcoming sampling trip to Colorado (with NPP Post doc Ivan Paulino-Lima.) Mrs. Davis' daughter, Linda Anderson, established the scholarship in memory of her mother to provide professional development funds to re-entry women in the sciences.
  • The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (hosted at NIST) accepted an article from David Bubenheim (SGE) titled Improving Sanitation and Health in Rural Alaska for publication In FLC 2013 State and Local Government Publication.
  • Christopher Small and Cristina Milesi (ARC-CREST), published Multi-scale standardized spectral mixture models, in Remote Sensing of Environment, Volume 136, September 2013, Pages 442-454.

Key Meetings/Event and Attendees

  • Dr. Fred Kruse, Naval Post Graduate School, is bringing his class in remote sensing image analysis to visit Ames on July 12. All members of the class are employees of federal agencies including NSA and NOAA. The class will visit the Earth Science Division and will see the Hyperwall and the 80x120 wind tunnel.
  • SB6.0 – the sixth international meeting on synthetic biology convenes in London July 9-11. Lynn Rothschild’s lab has several presentations including some from the 2012 iGEM team. Dr. Rothschild will attend.
  • The ORACLES writing team met at Ames July 1-3 to continue work on an EV airborne science proposal. The team, led by Jens Redemann included Paquita Zuidema. Rob Wood and Steve Howell. The team met in Building 232.

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