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Earth Science Division Highlights for August 19, 2011

Earth Science Division researchers recognized at NASA Honor Awards

Three individuals and six research teams were recognized for their outstanding achievements at the recent NASA Honor Awards and Presidential Rank Awards at a ceremony held at NASA Ames Research Center, August 17, 2011. They are:

Rama Nemani, Exceptional Achievement Medal
"For exceptional achievement in the conceptualization and implementatin of the NASA Earth Exchange."

Eric Jensen, Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
"For outstanding scientific achievement through substantial contributions to our fundamental understanding of the role of clouds in the Earth's climate system."

Michael Craig, Exceptional Service Medal
"For outstanding, sustained leadership as the Director of the Earth Science Project Office, managing NASA's Earth science field campaigns around the world."

Group Achievement Awards

4STAR Development Team: "For outstanding accomplishments in the development of the Spectrometer for Sky-Scanning, Sun-Tracking Atmospheric Research (4-STAR)."
SG Team members: Steve Dunagan, Roy Johnson, Emmett Quigley, Phil Russell, Jhony Zavaleta, Cecilia Chang, Jens Redemann, Yohei Shinozuka, Ryan Walker, John Livingston.

Adaptation and Climate Change Group: "For exemplary teamwork in sponsoring the NASA Ames Research Center Workshop and Symposium on Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change Risks."
SG Team members: Steve Hipskind, Max Loewenstein, Cristina Milesi, Ed Sheffner.

Forest Carbon Team: "For the application of NASA CASA ecosystem modeling to understand forest carbon fluxes and climate change impacts."
SG Team members: Chris Potter, Larry Barone, Vanessa Genovese, Peggy Gross, Cyrus Hiatt, Steve Klooster, John Shupe.

Genesis and Rapid Intensification Processes (GRIP): "For outstanding achievements during the GRIP airborne Earth Science Mission in 2010."
SG Team members: Mike Craig, Steve Hipskind, Emmett Quigley, Kent Shiffer, Don Sullivan, Marilyn Vasques, Quincy Allison, Cecilia Chang, Dan Chirica, Jonathan Dean-Day, Erin Justice, Stacy Stuart, Sue Tolley, Pat Finch.

Global Hawk Pacific Mission (GLOPAC): "For outstanding accomplishments for NASA and Earth science during the successful Global Hawk Pacific Mission (GloPac) in 2010.
SG Team members: Paul Bui, Mike Craig, Katja Drdla, Steve Hipskind, Dave Jordan, Lenny Pfister, Ed Sheffner, Don Sullivan, Tony Trias, Marilyn Vasques, Cecilia Chang, Dan Chirica, Jonathan Dean-Day, Marion Legg, Robert Oberto, Stacy Stuart, Bob Billings, John Bush, Nick Clinton, Rose Dominguez, Kent Dudwoody, Josh Forgione, Eric Fraim, Dennis Gearhart, Pat Grant, Ted Hildum, Jeff Myers, Carl Sorenson, Jian Zheng.

Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System: "For outstanding use of the Terrestrial Observation and Prediction System (TOPS) to meet NASA Earth science objectives in research and applications."
SG Team members: Jennifer Dungan, Rama Nemani, Sangram Ganguly, Hiro Hashimoto, Sam Hiatt, Forrest Melton, Andy Michaelis, Cristina Milesi, Petr Votava, Weile Wang.

Ames Recognition by Other NASA Centers
NASA Honor Group Achievement Awards

At the nomination of NASA Langley Research Center: Joseph W. Skiles, for the DEVELOP National Program: "For outstanding accomplishments in training and development of students and early career professionals to extend NASA Earth science research results to society."

Congratulations to all of you for our successes.


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