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Earth Science Division Highlights for August 2008

SGG Scientists attend international conferences

Several members of the Atmospheric Science Branch ( SGG ) attended the following conferences in August:

  • The Ninth International Conference on Carbonaceous Particles, sponsored by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and held in Berkeley , California , August 12-14. Laura Iraci co-chaired the Biomass and HULIS session, Anthony Strawa was in charge of Proceedings Publication and, with Bob Bergstrom (BAER Inst), he co-chaired the Optical Properties session.
  • Stratospheric Processes And their Role in Climate (SPARC) 4th General Assembly, met in Bologna, Italy, August 31-September 5. Eric Jensen and Lenny Pfister attended. Jensen gave a presentation entitled “ Ice Concentrations and Extinctions in Tropical Tropopause Layer Thin Cirrus,” which he co-authored with Pfister and D. Murphy (NOAA) . Pfister delivered a presentation, “ Simulations of Clouds and Water Vapor in the Tropical Tropopause Layer,” which co-authored with Jensen. Pfister and Paul Bui were among the authors of “ Long-Range Transport of Black Carbon in the Tropical Tropopause Layer” that was presented by Lead Author Ryan Spackman (NOAA). (Other authors include J.P. Schwarz, R.S. Gao, L.A. Watts, and D.W. Fahey from NOAA).
  • Geo-CAPE : Geostationary Coastal and Air Pollution Events Science Definition Planning Workshop, held at the University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill , August 18-20. Bob Chatfield gave a presentation/represented the poster, “How Well Can UV-Based Methods See Lower Tropospheric O3 from Space, and How Can We Do Better? - A Statistical Study.”
  • The American Chemical Society's 236th National Meeting & Exposition, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Aug. 17-21. Annalise L. Van Wyngarden and Laura Iraci gave a presentation entitled, “Organic chemistry in atmospheric particles: Implications for climate change.”

(POC: Warren Gore, Warren.J.Gore@ , 4-5533)



Vince Ambrosia attends International Disaster & Risk Conference

Vince Ambrosia (CSUMB) presented an invited paper entitled, "NASA Science Serving Society: Improving Capabilities for Fire Characterization to Effect Reduction in Disaster Losses," in a Special Session organized by Steve Ambrose (NASA HQ) at the International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland, Aug. 25-29. Ambrosia chaired a session at the conference and was lead author for a chapter in the book Risk Wise, published by Tudor Rose, UN, and UNESCO, that was distributed at the conference.

Prior to attending the conference, Ambrosia traveled to NASA Dryden, Aug. 14, for the filming of a Discovery Channel special program about the Wildfire Mission activities aboard the NASA Ikhana. The program will air on Discovery Channel's "Extreme Weather" program in November/December of this year. (POC: Vince Ambrosia, , 4-6565)



WRAP receives awards

The Wildfire Research and Applications Partnership (WRAP) team received two recent awards for strides made in imaging wildfires from the Ikhana platform during last year's missions:

The Research and Development Journal recognized WRAP as one of the Top 100 R&D Significant Technologies (Sensor Web 2.0) that was introduced to the market in 2008 by colleagues from NASA-Goddard and other institutes. Additionally, the Far West Region of the Federal Laboratory Consortium awarded the WRAP team an Outstanding Technology Development Award. Ambrosia attended the FLC meeting and awards ceremony in Denver, Colorado, Sept. 10, to accept the award on behalf of the team. (POC: Vince Ambrosia, , 4-6565)



DEVELOP students present research results

A close-out seminar for the summer DEVELOP internship program was held Aug. 15 at NASA Ames. Twenty-five DEVELOP Interns worked for 10 weeks this summer on 5 projects that included vegetation burn severity in Washington state, invasive species in the Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado and Utah, San Joaquin Valley Air Quality, Pacific Storm anatomies, and ecosystem water dynamics in Utah. Each project used data from one or more NASA satellite missions, and each project had a federal or state agency as a partner. The seminar included reports by the interns on all of these projects conducted during the summer term. Results of these studies will be presented at the American Geophysical Union ( AGU ) meetings in San Francisco in December and at the American Society for Photogrametry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) in Baltimore in March, 2009. (POC: Jay Skiles, , 4-3614)



Student presentations

Two students who conducted research in Laura Iraci's lab this summer gave seminars on their work August 7. Jeff Rodgers of Dickinson College discussed "Organic Film Formation on Atmospheric Sulfuric Acid Particles and Implications for Climate" and Rebecca Hooper of California Polytechnic State University discussed "Changes in the Chemical Composition of Organic Aerosols During Cloud Formation and their Potential Effects on Climate." Their talks were part of the Division's Earth Science Seminars.


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