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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending February 15, 2008

Ames represented at California Council on Science and Technology

Steve Zornetzer, Associate Director for Institutions and Research, and Steve Hipskind, Earth Science Division Chief, attended the meeting of the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) on Tuesday, February 12 in Sacramento, CA.  A dinner commemorating the 20th anniversary of the council was held on Monday night.  Speakers at the dinner included Congressman Sam Farr (CA 17th District - Monterey) and Lt. Gov. John Garamendi, both of whom were instrumental in the creation of the council in 1988.

The meeting focused on state and federal collaboration on land and ocean stewardship in the face of changing climate. Charlie Kennel, newly appointed Council Chair, introduced and presided over the meeting. Speakers included Marcia McNutt, President and CEO of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), as well as representatives from CA Resources Agency, State Parks and Cal EPA. Donna Riordan of CCST presented plans for an Science and Technology (S&T) Fellows program for the State Legislature fashioned after the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) S&T Fellowship program at the national level.  (POC:  Steve Hipskind,, 4-5076).

FY2007 SMD Airborne Science Program Review

Matt Fladeland (Manager, SG Airborne Science Office), Mike Craig (Director, Earth Science Project Office), Marilyn Vasques (ESPO) and Jeff Myers (Manager, Airborne Science & Technology Branch) traveled to NASA HQ, Feb. 4-7, to participate in the annual ASP review. Discussions included review of the Ames SIERRA project, TC-4 and other mission support, flight requests, upcoming missions, replacement and/or upgrade of the MAS instrument, and FTE engineering support at NASA centers. (POC: Matt Fladeland,, 4-3325)

SG staff participates in Southern California Fires workshop.

Jim Brass (Chief, SGE), Vince Ambrosia (CSUMB), Don Sullivan (SGE), Bruce Coffland and Rose Dominguez (UARC) participated in a Southern California Fire Siege Remote sensing Workshop in Sacramento, CA, on Feb 12-13.  Brass was a member of the Organizing Committee. Ambrosia debriefed state officials at the workshop on the WRAP project Southern California fires imaging support efforts in 2007, while Coffland detailed the AMS-Wildfire and MASTER systems data collections during the same event.  Both were members of a panel discussion on the Federal support to the fires.  Others from ARC (F. Enomoto) showcased the ARC-developed Collaborative Decision Environment (CDE) tools used during the Southern California fires.  (POC: Vince Ambrosia,, 4-6565)

J. Dungan authors entry in Enclyopedia of Geographic Information Science.

Sage Publications has recently published the Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science, which includes an entry on geostatistics written by Jennifer Dungan (SGE).  The 558 page book covers the essence of this interdisciplinary field in an easily understood but detailed style.  The key themes are conceptual foundations, cartography and visualization, design, data manipulation, data modeling, geocomputation, geospatial data, societal issues, spatial analysis, and organizational and institutional aspects.  Its readership will include students, faculty and professionals in the GIS field.  (POC: Jennifer Dungan,, 4-3618)

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