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Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending October 11, 2007

Chris Potter gives seminar in Brazil.  Dr. Christopher Potter (SGE) presented a seminar at the Universidade Federal de Goias in Brazil, October 4, as part of the NASA collaboration under the Large-Scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia - Ecology (LBA-ECO).  LBA-ECO is part of the largest cooperative international scientific project ever to study the interaction between the Amazon forest and Brazilian savanna and the regional and global atmospheres.  (POC: Chris Potter, 4-6164,

Civil Applications of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.  Steve Hipskind (Chief, SG), Max Loewenstein (SGG), and Matt Fladeland (SG) participated in a conference in Boulder, Colorado, Oct 1-3, that was organized by University of Colorado and NOAA to discuss the future of UAS in the civilian world.  Hipskind was on the organizing committee and will be working to finalize the conference report.  Fladeland gave an invited talk on a project to use Open Design principles to engage universities and the hobby community in the development of small UAS for science missions.  (POC: Matt Fladeland, 4-3325,

SG staff attends coastal remote sensing workshop.  Liane Guild, Randy Berthold (SGE), Brad Lobitz (CSUMB), and Jeff Myers (UARC) attended a workshop focused on Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone, held Oct. 4 in Santa Cruz, California.  The focus of the workshop was the integration of coastal zone studies using remote sensing tools, including: coastal oceanography, coastal vegetation, coastal faulting and deformation, near-shore bathymetry and tsunami hazard, reef communities, storm hazards, fisheries, and the need for sensors to conduct remote sensing observations in support of research in these areas.  Myers presented, “Oceanographic Sensor Developments at NASA Ames” and Guild gave a presentation entitled, “Airborne AVIRIS and DCS Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs.”  (POC: Liane Guild, 4-3915,

John Shupe gives presentation at Hydro-Climate Workshop.  John Shupe (CSUMB) attended the 6th Annual Yosemite Hydro-Climate Workshop, Oct 4-5, and gave a presentation entitled, “ Streamflow simulation of the Merced River using the Snowmelt Runoff Model.”  Shupe is using the SRM in the Merced Basin to determine if the SRM would be appropriate to integrate into CASA (Carnegie-Ames-Stanford Approach biospheric model).  Initial results suggest that CASA would benefit from using aspects of the SRM algorithm.  Consequently, Shupe and others are adapting the model’s code in preparation for testing another model that will be used as input to HYDRA, a hydrological routing algorithm.  The ultimate goal is to develop CASA/HYDRA to be a 3-6 month forecasting tool for predicting water resources. (POC: John Shupe, 4-0629,

Bob Chatfield gives presentations at Aura Science Team meeting.  Robert Chatfield (SGG) gave two presentations at the Aura Science Team Meeting that were held in Pasadena, California, Oct. 1-5:  “How Visible is Regional Smog Ozone from Space and How Can We Make It More Visible?” and “Lower tropospheric ozone from space: current situation, new prospects –OMI-AIRS tropospheric ozone” (POC: Bob Chatfield, 4-5490,

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