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Highlights Archive
Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending March 28, 2007

Division personnel attend CCST Affiliates meeting

Steve Hipskind (Chief, SG) and Rama Nemani (SGE) participated in the California Council on Science and Technology Lab Affiliates meeting, March 23, at Sandia National Lab in Livermore. Participating in the meeting were representatives from Sandia, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, JPL, and Ames. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the capabilities of the national labs in the areas of energy research and regional climate modeling. The lab affiliates meeting was held in preparation for the next full meeting of the CCST which is to occur in May and which will be devoted to the state of California's response to climate change. (POC: Steve Hipskind, 4-5076,


Phil Russell interviewed about atmospheric aerosols and climate change

Phil Russell (SGG) received requests for interviews following the recent release of a NASA press release about his group's participation in INTEX-B
( ). On March 16, he talked with Gregory Mone, a freelance writer preparing a story for Discover magazine. On March 19, he discussed the interplay between temperature changes caused by aerosol particles and greenhouse gases for Earth & Sky , a 90-second international radio program committed to communicating science and nature topics to its 10 million weekly listeners on over 1,000 radio stations, including Voice of America, XM, and Sirius satellite networks. (POC: Phil Russell, 4-5404,


Discussions underway for possible collaboration with Sun Microsystems

Rob Tow, a representative from Sun Microsystems, visited NASA Ames, March 28, to discuss possible areas of collaboration between Sun and Ames. Chris Kemp, the Ames business development director, asked Tow to explore this collaboration. Among the topics of discussion was high performance computing and small wireless devices using the Sun Small Programmable Object Technology (Sun SPOT, ). (POC: Warren Gore, 4-5533, )


Accepted for publication

Friedemann Freund (SJSU/SETI) received notice that two of his papers have been accepted for publication in Proceedings, Fifth International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake, Engineering, May 14-16, 2007 (web site:

•  F. T. Freund: "Understanding Pre-Earthquake Signals, Part I: Rocks Turn in to a Battery"

•  F. T. Freund: "Understanding Pre-Earthquake Signals, Part II: Stress-Induced Currents in the Crust"

(POC: Friedemann Freund, 4-5183,

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