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Highlights Archive
Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending Dec. 13, 2006.

V Ambrosia attends workshop for use of UAV imagery in emergency response and natural resource management

Vince Ambrosia (CSUMB/SGE) attended the workshop, “UAV Imagery for Domestic Emergency Response and Natural Resource Survey: Deployment, Operations and Applications,” at the University of Louisiana – Lafayette, December 13-14. Ambrosia participated as a presenter in three sessions and sat on a panel focused on research needs for UASs' in disaster assessment. Ambrosia, G. Bland (NASA GSFC/WFF), and B. Cobleigh (NASA DFRC), teamed to represent NASA's capabilities in the field to other UAS community parties and interests. Ambrosia presented materials on matching sensor systems and development to disaster community requirements, and also presented materials on the integration of mid-size UASs into the disaster management realm. Ambrosia also participated as a co-author on a presentation by E. Hinkley (USFS) of utilization of UASs for wildfire monitoring. (POC: V. Ambrosia, 4-6565, )

J. Dungan joins Faculty of 1000 Biology

Jennifer Dungan accepted an invitation to join the Faculty of 1000 Biology, an online research service started in 2002 that highlights and reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences. She was invited to join the ecology faculty (spatial and landscape ecology section) by its leads, Monica Turner (University of Wisconsin) and Christer Nilsson (Umea University, Sweden). The purpose of the service is to provide scientists with a continuously updated insider's guide to the most important papers within any given field of research. It highlights papers on the basis of their scientific merit rather than the journals in which they appear, offers the researcher a consensus of recommendations from well over 1000 leading scientists, systematically organizes and evaluates the mass of information within scientific literature, and offers an immediate rating of individual papers by the authors' peers, complementing the indirect assessment provided by the journal impact factor. More information is available at (POC: Jennifer Dungan, 4-3618,

Liane Guild and team receive ROSES funding for Coral Reef Bleaching Project

Dr. Liane Guild (SGE), PI, and Co-Is Dr. Roy Armstrong (University of Puerto Rico), Brad Lobitz (CSUMB/SGE), and Dr. James Goodman were awarded funding for their ROSES Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science's proposal entitiled, "Coral Reef Bleaching and Threats to Biodiversity". This proposal was the highest ranked proposal in the Biodiversity and Disturbance sub-element by the review panel. (POC: Liane Guild, 4-3915,

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