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Highlights Archive
Earth Science Division Highlights for week ending Nov. 1, 2006.

SG Fire team monitor Esperanza Fire:

Responding to a request by the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services (OES), a team from NASA Ames Research Center, joined by the US Forest Service, Dryden Flight Research Center, and General Atomics flew the Altair Unmanned Aerial Vehicle over the Esperanza Fire in southern California, October 28-29. The 16-hour mission in national airspace provided real time data of fire fronts, hot spots and active fires that had burned across control lines. After the flight, Paul Veisze, GIS manager for Cal OES commented: "On behalf of the OES team, I'd like to thank NASA and the Forest Service for advancing technologies in support of California resources." A follow on meeting has been planned by the chief of OES and the chief of California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection to discuss NASA technologies available to the two agencies. (POC: Jim Brass, 4-5232)

Airborne Science & Technology Lab (ASTL)’s sensor provides useful imagery of Esperanza Fire:

A rapid-response, fire mapping mission over the Esperanza fire in southern California was conducted using the Autonomous Modular Sensor (AMS) on the Altair UAS on October 28-29. This was an extension of the recently completed Western States Fire Mission. ASTL personnel mobilized Friday night (10/27) to upload the sensor system, and the sensor was flown the following day. Numerous infrared images (see below) were collected, processed on board the aircraft, and broadcast in near real-time via satellite, for dissemination to the fire community. (POC: Jeff Myers, 4-3598)

fire thumbnail fire thumbnail
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SGG Scientists participate in INTEX-B/Milagro* Science Meeting:

Hanwant Singh and Phil Russell (SGG) gave presentations at the INTEX-B/Milagro Science Meeting held in Boulder Colorado, Oct. 23-25. Russell gave an overview of the J-31 aircraft’s role in the project, discussing its goals, operations, sample results and opportunities for collaboration. Russell chaired a breakout group on aerosol optics and radiation, as well. Singh summarized the DC-8’s contributions to the project. (POC: Phil Russell, 4-5404)

*Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment (Phase B)/ Megacity Initiative-Local and Global Research Observations

Phil Russell attends Aerosol-Cloud-Ocean Strategy meeting at Goddard Space Flight Center:

Phil Russell (SGG) attended the Aerosol-Cloud-Ocean Strategy meeting held at GSFC last week where he discussed what aircraft measurements are necessary to complement a spaceborne mission proposed for launch in 2015. The proposed mission’s goal is to study aerosol-cloud interactions and ocean biogeochemistry. (POC: Phil Russell, 4-5404)

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